1970 - 1990 - Oil and Acrylic on Canvas Paintings

I have always loved abstract art.  I have no interest in literal paintings.  The
The literal appearance of anything in the world never held any fascination for
me.  I have always seen theabstract within the literal image.  Kandisky and
Dali were some of my favorites in my early 20's.  I like minimalism in my
environment, if I can manage it, but clutter tends to creep in.  In the mid
1980's I began redecorating my house in red, black and white, and I used
those colors in my my art to hang on my walls.  By that point I had painted
all the walls in my house stark white.  I wanted to achieve a sort of
"museum feel" in my home to display the art on a pure white background
with no busy furniture to detract.  I then switched to add lavenders and
purple into my paintings and accordingly recovered the pillows in
purple fabric, etc.  I view my entire living environment as my canvas,
and it must all be in harmonizing hues and shapes.  The names for most of
these paintings are very obviously simple, and I will not add in depth
explanations of why I painted any of them.  The meaning of art is in the
eye of the beholder no matter what the artist's intention was when first
creating it.   Art will either resonate with you or not.