Family Tree - Son's Music
When my father got his reel-to-reel tape recorder in the
1950's, he put the microphone in front of my mouth and
said, "Sing."  And I did and kept singing into microphones
for  many years to follow.  I also put the cassette player
in front of my son when he was rehearsing his school
songs at age 6.   Although there are a lot of funny
moments on the tape, I only included my favorite
funniest one here of Son doing his best 6-year
 old version of gospel singing
Way Down
in Bethlehem.  
Since I don't own the copyrights,
I'm also including only partial clips of two of my
favorite songs that he wrote.  The first  is an
instrumental called
When the Shit Hits
the Fan
that he did circa 1997 or 1998
on the computer and synthesizer.  The third
one is a song from his very last solo project
before disbanding his recording studio and
selling all his equipment to travel before
he moved into his photography work.  He
wrote the music and lyrics, played all the
instruments and sang.  I believe that one is
Had Enough.   These are just some of
the photos of some of his bands and projects. 
We have some
video of live performances saved
on CD also.

Way Down in Bethlehem
1987 - 6 years old
When the Shit Hits the Fan
circa 1997-1998
Had Enough