My Internet Interviews

In 1999 I was interviewed on a cutting edge Internet
venue called Cyber Radio TV, which was a radio/video
live streaming station in Santa Monica, CA.  There
weren't too many Web sites like that at the time and
this was long before YouTube.  In this clip it was just
about a year after I had been back from visiting the Amazon Rainforest in 1998.  You can see some of my handcrafted artistic masks I was showing.  But I'm
talking about the handmade jewelry from the Amazon
tribe that I was selling on my Web site back then, which
I am no longer selling at this site.  But in my last sentence
I was talking about the tribes going up against the oil companies... "big machinery against a few blow darts isn't gonna make it."  Then some 10 years later in 2009 the 3D animated movie Avatar came out, and the theme of the movie was exactly what I had been speaking about in
this interview so many years prior.