Son as Filmmaker

Son started making films at around age 11.  At some point I bought him a Sony camcorder and video editing software, as I always encouraged his artistic expression in all areas, and it was fun working on some projects together. He made this short film around 1993 called Ninja Cat starring our pet at the time the late Angel cat.  I was involved in this one as the one walking in the combat boots, cat trainer and a bit of the video operator.  Son attached the video camera on his skateboard to get his homemade "dolly" affect of my feet walking down the hall.  Christian Osborne did the music track, and no animals were harmed during the filming.  When I tossed the cat into the hall, I had plenty of pillows for her to land on.  She was well paid with snacks, as you'll see at the end.

This one was filmed in late 1993/early 1994 and is called The Chip but it was never completed.  It is about 12 minutes long but I edited it down just to show off Son's talent at age 13 and the computer effects he and his friend Kevin added to the video at that time.  The music soundtrack was added by my son some years later I'm guessing about when he was 17 or 18.  The very begining is an artist I'm not familiar with and then it sounds like he added some of his own electronica music. Son was a big Star Wars fan, as you can likely tell from this sci fi home made movie of some fight over a computer chip the likes of which I'm not sure the importance of.  Son is playing multiple roles in the different masks and jackets and he got his dad in on the acting as the bartender in the bar scene very ripped off I must say from the famous Star Wars bar scene.

Son spent a lot of weekends at his friend Kevin's house.  Kevin's dad was a cartoonist and he had stop-motion equipment.  The kids experimented with the stop-motion and came up with these abstract experiments.  At the end check out the claymation with the pod scooping the guy's head off!  Look out Gumby!

Son and his friend did a video of a For Kids TV show.  It didn't really air on TV, but they did it in a TV format as an offshoot to Son's early stint as a magazine publisher of For Kids Magazine.  It reminds me of Mystery Science Theater 3000 except they are mocking their own in their words "cheesy" homemade video productions.  I edited it down to some of the funnier parts, adding some minor video "transitions" in the shape of the star for this edited version of his original longer version.  My apologies about the out of sync audio/video.  I couldn't get this one fixed during the conversion process.  Now I guess I could do a mock video of my poor editing of these videos.