My Performance Videos

1988 - Enter the Vocal Zone
Sharon Shane
I performed my song Party Line
on cable TV show Enter the Vocal Zone

1988 - Enter the Vocal Zone
Sharon Shane
I performed my song Walls Tumble Down
with Buddy and Maximum Mix background vocals
on cable TV show Enter the Vocal Zone

Three clips from the video taped live of the stage play
A Little Meditation...the Musical
c 1993 Starlight Productions
I began as a production assistant.  I was involved in choosing the actors for the auditions and getting the choreographer and director interviews lined up with
my producer friends, Buddy and Maxx Mix.  I also was a vocal coach to the actors chosen.  The Director pleaded with me to be in the chorus saying he needed my strong voice.  He offered for my son to be the Prop Master so he could be there with me during performances. We had such fun.  I also helped sew some of the robes for the temple
scenes. Son and I maintained our school and work schedule while doing four shows a weekend.  Son and I had a scheduled trip to Hawaii during Christmas.

Sharon Shane in chorus of live stage play
Woodland Hills, CA
(In the black beret in the scuffle and then going up and down the stairs and then in centerstage and then on the left of the video.) Son was 11 years old and as Prop Master worked the smoke machine.
My credit page in the program.

I'm in the blue robe in this clip.  As members of the chorus, when we weren't onstage, we were backstage in front of microphones singing backup vocals while the lead singers/actors were
on stage
singing and we also helped them with their quick costume changes.

I'm in the black jeans and black T-shirt in this clip as a Native American rescue worker.  In the "slow motion" scene that was not a video effect later added to the video, but we had to do that live
on stage each performance and pretend to be in a time warp when the main lead guy picked up the"magic transporter ring."